School is a waste of time

Aaron - Kyle, Texas
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that school is a waste of time.

I mean we go to school for 13 or more years of our lives. They don’t teach us what we need to survive. They teach us algebra, geometry and all the stuff we don’t need to survive. Do we really use this in the real world? Sure you use it when you’re some kind of scientist, but for the average person, you don’t need that stuff. Don’t get me wrong, they do teach us history, and history is the building block for the future. See, they have some stuff we need, but then again that isn’t enough, so now they have to throw in something useless, now they want us to learn a foreign language. Why do they teach us a foreign language when we live in AMERICA and in AMERICA we speak ENGLISH? Again don’t get me wrong, I love that America is a nation of different races and religion, but we only need to speak ONE language, and that language is ENGLISH.

They teach us about science; for example, if you mix this and that you will get a reaction. Do they teach us how to hunt, or how to live on our own? No, they don’t want us to know how to do that, because then we wouldn’t need them. We wouldn’t need to buy groceries, we could survive on our own. That is why they don’t teach us what we need to know.

They put in vending machines so that we will forget that school is a waste of time. They give us all that food so we will forget. We need to be taught how to farm, how to live. Think of a world where we are independent. We don’t need to dream, we can make it happen tomorrow. Just get rid of the classes that are pointless, and put in some that we will actually use in the real world. We need to change the way our kids will grow up. Do you want your kids to rely on the government after they fail, just because school is a waste of time? You can change that, just change the school system. Don’t let them tell you need that, it is all a lie. They want us to fail at life, so that we have to rely on them.

I believe that school is a waste of time.