Kristian - Kyle, Texas
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe

I believe that people complaining just waste their breath. All they do just sit around and not do anything. The reason I say this is because when I was younger I was a big complainer, all day and all night I would say what would come to my mind. My mother and step father would not say anything because I was little and they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. One morning I woke up and asked my mom what was for breakfast, she said to me “eggs and bacon”, and with a big gust of wind I moaned, because I wanted to go to eat. So after ten minutes, my mom finally snaps and said something to me that I will never forget, she told me “ok you don’t these eggs, instead of complains you can do something about it. All you are doing is wasting your breath and giving me a headache.”

What did I do I got the cereal and the milk and ate two bowl of cereal. Now that I look back at that I feel like a dirt bag that I did that to my mom. She was only trying to help me and fill my tummy with good food. But I actually did something to help my cause, might not have been the right to do, but I did do something. Thinking back on how I could have handled the situation, I just went into that blindly and did not think what I was saying. But the right thing to do in that situation was just to suck up the food. Some times you need to stand up and do something about it. People that just sit around and complain about the government and say that they are out to get them and those taxes are way too, well they need to hear these four words, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS. The majority of the people that complain about the government, president, and the gas prices don’t do any thing about it. The problems won’t fix themselves. If you don’t like the government, run for city council and be apart of the government. Don’t like the president, get a campaign center and run for president. Maybe gas prices get under your skin, and then walk. All that I am saying is do something about it or don’t talk. So I believe that complaining is a waste of breath.