Looking Back

Ariel - CA
Entered on June 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Just as every teenager dreams of the day when you can live on your own, and graduate high school. You think about the life you will live not being under the supervision of your parents and having a lot of freedom. As a high school student most of us don’t like having family days and you always want to go hang out with your friends. That was my dream too and still is but I gained another perspective. Senior year my mom was diagnosed with Brest Cancer. At first I was shocked, knowing it was a common thing for women in Marin but never imaging it would be happening to my immediate family. I contemplated over the different outcomes and what might happen, always thinking of the worst.

After a series of chemotherapy and surgeries my mom is fine but is still not back to her full strength. I realized that she really needed me to be there for her. I had to allocate more time to helping out around the house and that took away from hanging out with friends. Even though I would go out on the weekends I felt like I was home more then usual. This made me realize that even with the extra time I was spending at home it still wasn’t that much. On weekdays I stay in my room working on homework or other things, and on weekends I come home after she is already asleep. I see her in the mornings when I am rushing to get to school on time but it’s always a quick hi, bye, ill call you later, conversation, not to mention my parents are divorced so I am only at the house every other week.

After going through this experience I told my mom, no matter how much time I spend with you I will always love you. Yes, maybe that sounds corny but its how I truly felt, I didn’t spend as much time with her as I should have but I at least told her how I felt. Even though I can’t wait to head off to college and start a new life I will miss my parents more then I thought. I would always say I can’t wait for college and to move out of the house. This experience changed the way I felt and how I showed affection towards my parents but especially my mom. When I talk about graduating and college she almost starts crying and I know it’s not going to be easy for her when I leave for Humboldt. This is believe is a time for change for me and other teenagers to give back to your mothers and express your self in ways that you never have before. Although I am not happy my mom had Brest cancer I think it brought us closer and we bonded over the experience.