Dropt the technology and use your hands

Gabriel - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Every summer for the past few years, I would go visit my grandmother, spend a month and a half, and then come back home a few weeks before school starts. This has been my life since the seventh grade, now I am an incoming senior at Santa Monica High School, I’ve learn something new that I haven’t learned before. My grandmother taught me to find happiness in anything. This is what I believe, find happiness in anything. The sheer optimism in the world.

My grandmother taught me that while I was in France for the summers of my youth, I was disconnected from the world; no internet, no english radio, no newspapers, no cellphone calls to friends. The only way of obtaining information from the outside world was through the five channels on T.V. She explained to me that happiness was not obtained from material things, which can cause the common illness in American spoiled children, but in the things that we already have, things that can’t be bought at a store.

As the internet can bring information and connect people across countries and continents; but it can’t do one of the simplest of things; the Internet cannot make human contact. My grandmother began to show me that with the acres of farmland surrounding the house, there were stories of times when she was young, adventures of my father’s, and the sheer beauty of the gardens untouched by modern technology. The feeling of seeing trees that were planted by my family when the house was still being built was perplexing. I taught me that one simple act can bring beauty and still provide happiness without the use of satellites, or cameras, or phones, or computers, or even papers and pencils. The beauty and simplicity showed me that doing the simplest of things can bring more happiness than performing the same thing with an electric device.

People around the world are developing more and more technologies that can produce and process things at exponential rates compared to the manual procedures, and yet they provide ways of bringing a different form of happiness, the happiness of completion. Yet, still, more and more people are beginning to find themselves abandoned of what once used to bring the simple happiness that brought us closer. With all of the technology, I believe that finding happiness can be found in doing the simplest of things, not with technology that does it for you , but with your own bare hands and mind.