Ethics, Faith, Conflict

Papa - Belleville
Entered on June 23, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Ethics, Faith, Conflict

Some more thoughts as my mind works on stuff.

I guess that for about 20% of us (probably not the atheists) will leave as if through a door opened from the living to something else that can only be known later, not now. For me and others like me, the “else” will be whatever it is, since we do not know until we get there. For many “others” from many religious thoughts, each “sect” will also leave as through a door from the living but now, believing in each of the “sects” they follow, they feel right about the path they have decided to follow.

Now we come to some thoughts about this stuff. The “others” have to wonder. Is there only one “right GOD”? Do all the others go somewhere else? What happens to all the “good”? What happens to all the “bad”? What happens about all the ethical knowledge over the centuries from all the individuals regardless of their “sect”. What about all the conflicts from all the “sects” over the thousands of years that still go on about the “beliefs” instead of the “faiths”! Many do not understand the diference between “belief” and “faith” They need to!

These are some of the things that I think about while I do stuff like the dishes, the laundry, the lawn or maybe just thinking about it with Charlie next to me. Maybe, more of the “20%” will become part of the “Faith” instead of the “belief”. Then, we might start to work on more of the ethical ideas. Maybe, we actually might go up the “ethical” ladder to a higher rung of civilization! Would “conflicts” go away and “debates” become the way?