Dr. Niama - Norristown, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 23, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe: that it’s time we Christians stop hiding out about sexuality, and I’m not talking exclusively about homosexuality here. I believe that man was never supposed to determine who was or was not a child of God; seems to me I remember that being always and forever God’s decision, His purview, and I have yet to see a burning bush dictating that all homosexuals are doomed.

When I say that it is time for Christians to stop hiding out about sexuality, I mean that we need to stop throwing the Bible at our good, natural, healthy sexual drives. We tell our young people that abstinence is the only viable option as though we have forgotten what it was to be 17 and ready to hug even a tree.

We don’t describe for our young the sacredness of the sexual act; what it really should be for bodies to come together, and no, not just for procreation. I live with a beautiful man of 76 years, and ours is an erotically charged friendship though we do not act upon it because he lives in terror of a God punishing fornication with the worst of hellfire and brimstone. He resists the understanding I have of his seven decades of wounds left by parental abuse and jealousy and schoolyard bullying; he can’t see that my touch is all about healing those wounds, reminding him that he is a beautiful creature deserving of adoration.

God has given His children a beautiful thing in the sex act, and we need to stop, remember, reconsider even what is really being performed when we humans come together to express a certain type of love with our partners. It should not be about spit and fluids and groaning, but the exchange of breath, really feeling your partner’s breath come in and out of your mouth, holding tight and letting your throat fly with what only your voice can help your body speak.

It should be about wanting to express, exchange, your highest self with another person not because that person wore a short skirt and you had to have some, but because you care about that person more than you care about yourself, because you want to be one with them and no one else, because you want to mesh souls and spirits and futures, essences and anima, not just spit and cum and skin.

We need to remember that sex is not just the behavior of animals for we humans, that our highest selves must participate when coming together sexually or we are robbing our partners as well as our own psyches. It just doesn’t feel as good if our soul is not participating, if we are only kissing that person because they were the last one in the bar and they offered a ride home.

I believe that when we bring the sacredness back to sex, when we remember that it is a union of spirit as well as tongue, that we will find the erotic in many more aspects of our lives, the turn-ons will multiply, and our spirits will be richer for the deeper knowledge of all that surrounds us.