Everybody needs a playhouse

Jessica - Chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on June 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that everyone has an imagination; it is just a matter of finding it. We all had imaginations as a child; we just have to unlock our inner child to find it. A few years ago I didn’t believe I had an imagination; but now I believe everyone has an imagination.

My last recollection of an imagination was about ten years ago. My parents decided to purchase a new freezer. After purchasing what my parents thought was a perfect freezer we went home. The delivery was scheduled for the next day. Delivery day came for the freezer, but upon arrival my sister and I discovered that our parents had bought us a brand new playhouse. Before we could play in our playhouse the adults had to untwine the plastic and remove the inside filler. In the center of our playhouse was a ginormous white rectangle. Our parents took this white rectangle out very carefully so they would not break the playhouse. They carried the filler to the garage, were the old freezer was. I guess they were trying to fill the empty gap in the garage, until they could order a new one. Afterwards, my sister and I took a good look at our new playhouse.

The playhouse was big and brown. It needed some construction work done to it and it needed to be decorated; it was a fixer upper. Our construction work consisted of cutting away part of the play house to make a window. We then proceeded to add our own touch to the house by adding stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows. After putting the finishing touches on our house we stood back in awe. Our playhouse was beautiful. We were proud of our playhouse. We proceeded to play in the house. We played for hours upon end. The one thing that we loved to play in our playhouse was house, because it made us feel proud about our work on the fixer upper playhouse.

I believe that everyone has an imagination. We all have imaginations stored up in our head all we have to do is release our inner child to find it. I was one of those people that claimed never having an imagination. But as I look back at my playhouse, I realize that I have one. I just have to relocate again. I believe that everyone has an imagination.