I Believe Death is a New Beginning

Robert J. - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 23, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Scientists cannot exactly pinpoint what life is as opposed to non-life such as inanimate objects. For both are complex orbital electrical arrangements composed of mostly empty space. But unlike inanimate objects, life self-replicates, replacing damaged cell structure, etc. Life appears to be a kind of intelligence; it monitors and regulates vital biological processes. What is the nature of this intelligence? Is it a ‘God’ force in action?

Many books have been written on the existence/non-existence of God, and the exact nature of the life force. Whether this life force continues in some form regardless of death of the physical body is considered unproven and even un-provable by science. It is all a matter of personal belief. I believe that the death of one’s body is nothing more than the withdrawal of this individualized life force simply because the diseased or injured body can no longer sustain it.

I have read many personal accounts of people all over the world who were near death and who later reported the sensation of traveling through a tunnel towards a light – of hearing celestial music – and seeing and speaking to deceased loved ones. Of course, science puts it all down to chemical activity from induced drugs, and/or of endorphins released by the brain during the trauma of the dying process. However, I had the experience long before I’d read of any of these accounts, and while in perfect health and without so much as taking an aspirin.

This is how it happened: I was trying to fall asleep again in the early hours of the morning after being woken by the crying of our baby son, when suddenly every molecule of my being began to vibrate; I gradually felt my consciousness separate from my body, I became scared; I was certain I was undergoing the dying process. Then the thought came to me to not worry and to just let go. As I did I seemed to float above my body, and then there began the sensation of traveling through a tunnel at great speed towards a blinding light. The incredible music I heard as I approached the light can’t possibly be described – nor the architectural beauty I found myself in. It was a courtyard in front of a magnificent structure with huge stone pillars; even the very air seemed tinged with the purple glow of spirituality – I felt unworthy to be there. I stood before a man in biblical attire (no, not Jesus, but apparently a high teacher). I couldn’t help but think back to earth and thinking if only people could see all this. It would change their whole outlook on life. They would not do the things they do. We talked for what seemed a long time. Next thing I knew I was wide awake, still laying in the same position, my whole body tingling like an electric charge.

It was an incredible experience. One I can never forget.