God in the Bath Water

Rose - Cleveland, Tennessee
Entered on June 22, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

You won’t air this but I may still reach one tuned in person even if it’s just one guy/gal/it. The Church of God people in the Southern Rockers essay are might be going to hell, not sure, but I’m pretty sure they’re there now. Anyway, the Rocker has only made a first level change, he’s still in a Circle Jerk of Believers – he likes the loving God and Community of Worshippers he’s found a ‘home’ in. The only problem is that he hasn’t got the truth either, he’s just rebelling against a group of unsavory people and their oppressive opinions. Unfortunately, rebellion doesn’t buy you anything but a different prison of sorts. Even though I’d much rather be in his church than in the so called church of God, both groups are missing the point and yet they both have partial truth which is this: God IS a loving God, and He’s the Only God for when it comes to gods, there can certainly ONLY BE ONE, don’t you think?