I Believe in Snow

Max - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I love the crisp feeling of snow falling on my face. I love sinking three feet into powder. I love knowing that I am a few miles away from a mountain that seems to be pleading for me to snowboard. When I see snow I know that my troubles are far behind me. I believe in snow.

Snow is not just the building blocks of my favorite sport. Snow is the reason why I feel so free and loose at the top of a mountain. The chills that run up and down my body distract me from all of the other stresses in my life. These chills pair with my pumping adrenaline and assist me in powering down the mountain. There is something calming about the surrounding white. Riding through powder with endless snow in every direction feels like you are flying through clouds away from society as we know it today. Snow brings you away from your troubles.

Snow brings together people of all ages. Whether it is a mother with her child making snow angels or a group of teenage boys having a snowball fight, snow is the joining factor.

My friend Zack and I go on a snowboarding trip every winter. Although we are good friends away from the mountains, the presence of snow always adds something to our friendship. We build trust, independence and confidence as we ride competitively, but amiably, always hoping for the other to raise the bar.

Snow teaches individuals to find the positives in every situation. Allowing for change is what keeps the world interesting. My home in Los Angeles is always warm and welcoming but an occasional curved snowball in life is nice. I go on walks in the rain. I go to the beach when it is cloudy. I play sports on burning days in L.A. The weather may restrict some options but it is always possible to find something to do.

For this reason snow is not a burden on me. With certain weather conditions come certain limitations and certain advantages. For me, snow’s advantages largely outweigh the limitations. I believe in snowball fights and in long days spent shredding the mountain. These activities are luxuries that I can only dream of when I am restricted to the “perfect” climate of my home, Los Angeles.

Snow may not be welcomed very well in L.A. but the day it packs snow in Los Angeles is the day that I wish for most because I love my home but I believe in snow.