Just Keep Pushing…

Chelsea - vancouver, Washington
Entered on June 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

“Don’t give up. Keep pushing.” Those are my coaches words constantly re-playing in my mind. “Don’t stop because you are tired, you can finish.” The words splash like a wave over and over in my head. Whenever I run, whenever I practice, whenever I play basketball, or whenever I am in a game, I always remember those words. Recently I learned not giving up and pushing myself, is more than just getting better in sports; it is getting better in life.

Sports are very important to me and training, practicing, and playing requires me to push myself to get better at my game. I always thought that pushing myself only pertained to sports but, things like pushing myself to study for the nail bitting English test, or getting a job to earn money for those jeans that look perfect on, but cost more than a whole year of my allowance budget. Those simple things also push me to do the right thing and get better in my life.

Not giving up takes discipline and effort. In the long run, pushing yourself will never be something you regret. Sucsessful people did not give up when times were rough, or even when people didn’t believe in them. They pushed themselves to do better and to work harder at what they love to do.

When I think of people who haven’t given up, I often think of Michael Jordan. As a high school student, he did not make his basketball team. If he would have taken that as an indication of his potential, he would have given up then and there. Instead, he went on to be one of the best all-time basketball players in history.

Personally I have been through a lot. Wanting to get better at my sport, traveling around, trying out for teams seemed like something I could have easily pushed aside. One time in particular, I got asked to try out for a select basketball team with girls who were older, bigger, and more skilled. I walked into the gym which smelled musty, felt humid, and wasn’t inviting at all. I wanted to just turn around and run home as the butterflies in my stomach fluttered harder and harder. I felt the older girl’s stares burning on my neck as I jumped into the work out. The draw for me was the potential to get better and learn from such an experience. At the time I did not want to push myself to join in but I am so glad I did. I ended up making new friends, learning more, playing better, and making the team.

I believe, to push myself and not give up,, even when times are challenging.