Seeing is Believing

Maren - Youngstown, New York
Entered on June 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family

Have you ever been in denial about something so much that you have to see it to believe it? I have. I believe that sometimes you actually do have to see it to believe it. For instance, last year, June 8, 2007, a friend of mine was killed in a car accident. It was indeed a shock to everyone who knew him and I remember exactly what happened and where I was that day. Let me take you back, so it was a Friday in June, the first one to be exact and my best friend and I were on our way to the annual Relay for Life, we had stopped at her house to grab some clothes, seeing as she was going to spend the night. We were walking out of her house when her mother was walking across the lawn towards my best friend; she looked at her with tears in her eyes and said. ‘Joey died in a car accident’, both of our jaws dropped, we were in disbelief. That night was one of the hardest, I sat in shock next to my friend who was tearing herself apart because she had just lost her friend and her uncle, and I just stared at the floor, unsure of what just happened. All I kept thinking was, ‘this isn’t happening, this isn’t real’. The next few days were tough, and the wake must have been the worst of all, even though I had actually seen him, it still had not seemed real until the funeral when the coffin was diagonal from myself and the friends I was with, that’s when it hit me, this was all real, Joe wasn’t going to wake up the next day, dancing down the stairs to the song “Thriller”, towards his father who was making breakfast, he was not going to attend school the next day, and he wasn’t going to show up to work. To me, seeing is believing, sometimes its tough to imagine that something is actually gone, or someone is actually in love, or trusts someone, or is truly a best friend to another person. Many people would disagree with my statement, but that’s why this is my personal essay, not theirs, seeing is believing.