I believe in hard work

Cristele - Olathe, Kansas
Entered on June 19, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: work

This I believe.

I believe in a hard work. I believe that hard work is the key of the success in every single thing that I do.

I am a girl who is not very smart, but I always do my best in every thing that I do. I grew up in Cameroon. A country where education is taught and challenging. In high school, I had fourteen subjects every single week and had at least one assignment for each subject at the end of the week. There were strong punishments for not doing my homework. I remember six grades. I was not good in mathematics. I knew my restriction very well, but I did nothing at that time to overcome it. I was stuck in the idea that I will never understand that subject. That year, I failed my class because of mathematics. The following year, I repeated the class, and with my new teacher’s help, I admit that hard work was the key to solving my problem. During my second year, I studied very hard. I stayed awake almost every might to study. I did not stop working on mathematics, despite the low grades and the mocking word. I have come to acknowledge that to win or to understand any subject; I need to keep working very hard on it.

Now, I am very good in mathematics. I passed sixth and seventh grades with very high scores in mathematics. I am very proud of what I did. I won’t forget it. After the experience, I am able to say that hard work help people to overcome their problems