I Beleive In Music

Michael - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I Believe

I believe in music, music is life. Without music, I’m sure the world wouldn’t be the same at all. The thing that’s so great about music, is that it enables people to be motivated and has a calming effect on people. To me, music is the main anecdote to success. People often mistake music as a distraction but that statement is definitely false.

Music is the ultimate stress reliever. I can relate music to an advil because it takes away all the pain. There’s always a new song just like there’s always a new pill. Music brings out other things in a person other than just relief. It can always bring thoughts of happiness and just something cool and not stressful or bad. Music just takes your mind off everything such as troubles. It also can just sooth a person’s mind. Slow music is the key to being calm because the tempo and style of music gives everyone a different vibe. For example, when me and my brother fight over something, I just go listen to music to calm me down and relax me until the next fight. Music is definitely my savior.

Everyone has there own unique decision, but to me, I feel music is like a smooth road to happiness. It’s the perfect remedy to any problem a person can possibly have. Although some people don’t feel that they like music, its because they have no class what so ever. The type of music you listen to shows a lot about yourself and how “classy” you are. It reveals personality, attitude, and your unique taste for an art. Also music can bring out another side of a person because it’ll make you think.

Music can inspire people in many ways. For instance, when a salsa style type of music plays, people have the urge to dance. R&B makes a person want to stop what there doing and just sing their hearts out. A love song can make a person think about that one special person over and over again. Making music is another joyful thing to do because many feelings are expressed through lyrics.

Music is everywhere you go, in the car, at parties, at clubs and many other places. Music can be considered a hobby for some people, its even used 2 express worship in some churches. Music even is used to inspire the soldiers fighting in other countries for freedom and for the right thing.

So overall, in my opinion music is the best thing in this world when it comes to motivation and success. And this is what I believe.