I believe in skating

david - inglewood, California
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe

I believe in skating. I believe in skating because it offers so much freedom to many people across the world. Skating offers challenges and goals for setting and especially it offers o so much fun. Skating allows me to get away from such stressful things such as school. Skating helps me stay strong and it keeps me from being a quitter. I believe in skating because it gives me a hobby.

Skating to me is like riding a time bomb, if you mess up executing a trick it can blow up in your face and if you play your cards right you’ll end up feeling so delirious. This offer that skating has given me has changed my life more than I actually recognize. The feeling of skating something so dangerous gives you such a feeling that can be described as overly confident, which I find a good thing because you need to be confident always. I believe in skating because it gives me confidence.

There are in fact some downside offers that skating can give you such as; hurting yourself or getting frustrated by not landing a trick can leave you berserk or delirious. These offers can bother you but you can get around them skating is defiantly what’s up. Going ballistic on your skateboard defiantly gets some stress out of your system so that’s why I like to see it as kind of healthy. I believe in skating because it makes me feel good.

There are so many people around the world who skate. I’m guessing they also skate because they have the same beliefs such as mine. Skating has offered all these people something addicting and amazing. Skating offers to many people a very competitive field to work on. The reason for being so competitive is because so many people skate. I believe in skating because it gives youth all around the world pride.

Why ride around in your car when you can ride a fine piece of wood around the city. This leads me to my last offer that skating gives. Skating gives everyone a salubrious state of health because it offers much exercise and strengthens your lungs. Skating has kept me happy for years. And it’s going to keep on offering me new things every now and then. This I believe just because I can just because it’s what I do and it’s what I love. I believe in skating because its o so great.