Equal Rights

Raeshon - 94605, California
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe in equal rights. In America they say we are all equal, but most immigrants didn’t vote. The government says they treat immigrants like citizens, but a true citizen can vote. I’m African American. We have a slim chance of voting because the government does not give us a chance to vote. African Americans are sent to jail more often than any other race. Once you’re sent to jail you can’t vote any more. This isn’t fair.

After the civil rights movement, African Americans got the bottom barrel of everything. We got the worst houses, the worst jobs (fast food workers and custodian) and barely got paid. We were still being treated badly by everyone, but we still fought back and kept our cool.

Another type of discrimination that I face is ageism. As young adults, we don’t get a say in any of our family decisions or our government’s decisions. We share our thoughts, but we are really never heard. Children that are thirteen and older should be able to vote because we become more mature and need to have responsibility. Voting will also make us more aware of the news so we could know who to vote for.

Living in Oakland has been rough for me and many of my friends. We have nasty streets and trashy parks, but if I say something about it no one is going to take me seriously because of my young age. I care about my life, my future, and my school, but my parents don’t let me say what I want to do.

Although I have made lot of bad decisions, I want to make up for them, but society won’t let me make up for them. I think if I was white and older I would be treated better by others. I say this because their life seems fair. They are the only race that hasn’t been slaves. They rule the world. Life seems easy for them.

About a year ago, I went to an A’s games and my brother was thirteen and they were giving out backpacks to people 12 and under. We went up there and he said can he have a backpack, and the white lady said no. Then the very next people, who had to be over 16, came up and asked for one and got it. This is unjust.

Every time something bad happens