I Believe in Love

Jessica - Oakland, California
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in Love. When I was small I thought that the only people you needed to love were your family, and that’s it. My parents used to tell me to never trust anyone and to not get too close to a person. They told me that perhaps to try to protect me, or to try to prevent me from getting hurt. I took their words and was obedient, but I still questioned it. As the years passed, I started meeting new people along my life journey. I grew and changed my point of view.

I got closer to people that my parents used to tell me not to get close to, and I never thought about the bad stuff that might be going in my life. Getting hurt and betrayed by friends along the way really showed me why my parents used to tell me that giving your heart to a person meant there’s a chance that they may break it.

But for all the events and drama that I was going through, I always had my parent’s advice “keep going and have my head up” in my mind. But after all that drama, I still had the heart of loving a person.

When I was 13 I had a Boyfriend and we had been going out for a while, and well I trusted him and everything. Well because he was my best friend before I went out with him and I was really got to close to him and well as the days past and we trusted one another the jealousy came and well it was to much for me and him, and well my heart broke when we decided to take a break, and from that moment I was saying in my mind “why did I needed to get close to him” I used to think about him all the time, and just wanted to be with him. Now that I don’t feel the same way like I used to, my opinion changed. But I don’t have one single regret about that relationship, he changed me in a way and I think I changed him in a way also. I love him and I still do. But love him as a friend and that’s good enough for me.

Boyfriend, Bestfriend, Friend and so on, it doesn’t matter. Atleast you know you love them or even care for them, that’s want it really matter. But the best part of it, is the feeling that, you feel that you’ll always have a shoulder to cry on when your sad, a person that may understand you on how you feel when it looks that everyone else doesn’t. That’s the best feeling ever; having a person right next to you all time and that you could always count on them.

I believe in love by trusting and caring for a person and by also to love something to do like a sport, book and etc. Yes even a thing you can love. Don’t need to be directly to a person but also a thing. But a thing can’t hurt you as much as person would though, and guess what, and by loving a subject or anything else it can make you even decide on a career in your future like for example if you love to draw you become an artist. If you like to dance you can become a choreographer. Us the people and the love that we have on one another is the reason the world keeps on going round. I believe in love.