Possessions can’t

Uba - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 18, 2008
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This I Believe

People go through life believing that material things and wealth will solve their problems and bring them happiness. Many want certain things to impress others. Others want items to make them feel better about themselves. People who place their faith into buying the fanciest cars or designer clothes and nothing else will have a hard time in finding happiness.

It’s true that possessions and material things can’t bring happiness, however a particular possession can remind you of a joyous time and place. A possession that really takes me back to my great childhood is my Power Ranger action figure. Whenever I come across it in my room on the floor or somewhere behind the T.V., I think of the time I spent playing with it. I believe toys can remind you of good times.

I remember making it do spectacular stunts like leaping from couch to couch, diving out of windows, and defeating giant toy monsters underwater. I remember the first time I received the toy; I went to the store with my mom and as we were leaving the store I spotted the toy and she bought for me. I must have been three or four years old when my mom bought it for me. I remember it was the first toy that I actually wanted. It wasn’t like the baby toys that I had in the past.

The toy brings back an easier time of my life. Responsibility and future goals weren’t a main concern. I just lived for the moment and enjoyed discovering the world around me. I can’t remember having any worries or concerns. The years when I could play all day and sleep at anytime are associated with the toy. Everything was taken care of for me; life was good. In some ways it was great but now it’s just a child hood memory.

When a new item that you want is released, you will begin to anticipate for the item. When you finally get it after eagerly awaiting for it you will experience a brief enjoyment. Then the captivating effect will eventually wear off, sometimes quicker then the time spent waiting for it. The next item will grab your attention and you will want that item. The happiness that comes from material things is short lived. Living for material things won’t bring much but a brief artificial joy.

When it fulfilled its usefulness, the actual item won’t bring happiness but what it symbolizes can bring back good memories. The memories can help give you a sense of happiness.

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