This I Believe

Angela - USA
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

It happens at all ages, death. Sometimes it happens far too young, but people say things happen for a reason right? I dunno about that… I believe life is too short.

When I was eighteen years old I lost one of my best friends to a fatal car accident. He was driving his car down “the boulevard” on the way to our second semester of college. He was running late, lost control of his car and over corrected his turn. The car ended up rolling over 7 times and he was eventually thrown through the front window and killed on impact. His life was literally too short.

Having your life taken from you, as well as from the people you could have effected just doesn’t seem fair. Anyone can look at his experience and say it was not supposed to happen, no one should die at the age of 18. But no one can change the fact that he did. Never will I know the further impact he could have had on my life, but I can only imagine.

Life is too short regardless of what age you die at.

My grandfather was born in 1911. He is now 97 years old, but in my mind his life is still to short. Not too short for him, but for me. I know my grandfather would laugh if I ever told him I thought that, but in my mind it is not fair that he, like my friend will not get to fully impact my life to the point the could have.

I truly can’t even imagine the extreme changes my grandfather has seen this world go through. Now that I am the age where these facts interest me, he is no longer able to discuss them with me because of his hearing. It saddens me that I know he has stories about his life that he would have loved to share with me and my brother and cannot do so anymore.

No matter what age someone dies at, others are still losing effective experiences with a loved one.

In my mind my best friend lost his opportunity to live a full life and effect people because of death at a young age. But my grandfather who is still alive also cannot impact me the way I wish possible because of our extended generation gap. Regardless of age of death someone is losing the impact of a relationship that could have been a positive influence in their life and because of this, life will always be too short.