Brennan - Los Angeles
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Erbeznik, Brennan

Per. 5

This I Believe

Every day I wake up at 6:40, eat, shower, go to school and then head out to practice at 3:30 to get home at 7 p.m. To make it through the day, and to make it a successful day not only takes dedication, but also sacrifice. Sacrifice in the classroom, at home, and on the field. It is not enough to just get up and go through my day like time is stopped but that the clock is ticking. I must put everything on the line. I believe in sacrifice.

In school I have been successful because I sacrifice my time to get my work done. On weekend and weeknights instead of going out I stay in to finish or start a project or assignment. The past Tuesday night I had to complete a Spanish project on Brazil; it was twenty percent of my grade. The Laker game was on and my friends were throwing a party for the game. Even though it meant missing out on the most “cracking” party, I sacrificed my time to get the best grade possible.

At home, there are chores to do. My mom gives me a list of chores that I must complete by the end of the day. The list contains jobs from feeding the dogs to running to the store for more milk. This past weekend The Incredible Hulk came out in theatres and I wanted to see it. My mom, however, had other plans. She needed me to walk the dog because the dog was acting out of control. I walked the dog. I sacrificed going to the movies because I knew that sacrificing that would lead to a healthy relationship with my mom.

Although I may do things to help my mom out, she does twice as much and is the reason I know how to sacrifice. She sacrifices her time completely to me, whether it is taking me to school or helping me with homework.

The football field, however, is where I sacrifice the most. I sacrifice everything. To achieve victory and true happiness I must sacrifice myself. My body can heal, my memories cannot. One afternoon while at practice my teammate yelled out “Sacrifice!!” The play before I slowly drove off the ball while missing the ball carrier because I didn’t want to get hurt. The next play I struck off the line and dove at the ball carrier with no regard for safety except that he had to be stopped. I made the play.

My body will mend; my memories will not be amended. Sacrificing myself means that I lay it all out on the line to achieve my goal and to be the best. If I don’t make the play or get the grades I will remember that forever, if I make the play but obtain and injury I will be healed the next week. Sacrifice.

In this, I believe.

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