I believe in Global Warming

Luis - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

Luis Hernandez

This I Believe

I believe in major problems like Global Warming that can only be solved by working together. I know that Global Warming is a bad belief but I have seen what big major problems do to the people involved in them. Global Warming is a major problem that affects all of us. It’s a world problem. The reason I believe in Global Warming is because its something that is stoppable or isn’t just naturally made; it is something that we did together but it is also something that can be eliminated and abolish forever if the world works together and overcome the possible difficulties.

I know that not now but soon we will work together to solve the problem or else the consequences will be dreadful. There are problems that are solved in the school, community, or town without it being a huge deal but Global Warming is world wide and is forcing every person, country to unite and try fixing the problem before it worsens. I also believe that once the whole world but I mean every single person sees and believes that Global Warming is real and true then it will be much easier to get everyone working together. I know this because I know that fear changes a person and their are feeling toward someone is gone instantly. The reason it is gone instantly is because the person wants to find comfort and relief knowing that nothing can happen to them.

I believe that Global Warming is just a test for us to see if we can take care of our place in which we live in. I believe that it is like a flour baby or fake baby given to by the teacher to see if we can take care of it by now we have broken it, we have broken earth but I believe that us working together is like super glue ready to put all the pieces together and let it be oneself again. I believe that if we take care of the world it will take care of us. Global Warming is just a little sickness that the world has but if we keep giving it more poison (Green-house gases and carbon dioxide) it will continue to get even worse and eventually leaving it to die which means the death of us too. So I believe that nothing can stop us but a occasional major problem that will keep us in check that we cause and can also be overcame by us.

Global Warming, this I believe