A Life Worth Living

Alex - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Alex Naftali


English P5

This I Believe

I believe in indulgence. Always indulge and always be happy. Never look back and wonder what if. What if I had spent more time working than playing, or vise versa? Always do what comes to mind first. I have come to this conclusion after years of meditation on the subject. As children, we are constantly taught to do what we are told, to receive praise and avoid punishment.

However, as we get older, the praises that we may receive ultimately mean less and less. The punishments can easily be dealt with. Yet some people are afraid of the consequences of their actions, because they don’t know how to deal with them. I have seen this played out in front of me many times and have come to a conclusion: Consequences are for the weak. If I constantly worry what will happen to me if I pull a certain prank, I will never do it. Because I have molded my life around these principles, I can do anything. I have a free spirit, wide eyes, and no respect for authority.

I have always believed this: Do what you want, then what others want of you. I have a friend that is constantly putting others before herself. She leaves no time for her own life. Always trying to please others has left her tired and cranky every day. All for what? A pat on the head and a smile coupled with the words, “good job.” How pathetic. Rather than constantly doing things for others, and working myself to death in the process, I make sure to save some time for myself. In truth, I go home right after school on most days, and do the first thing that comes to mind- from eating my weight in chocolate to watching Borat on youtube.com.

On the night before my Calculus part A Final Exam, I thought about my beliefs. This exam is important, I thought to myself. But not important enough. I rationalized about how this exam could not possibly change my grade very much, and assured myself that I had 2 hours the next day to study and complete all my homework. I thought about my choice for about an hour, the decided to watch a movie. The day of the test arrived, and I spent an hour and a half completing my homework, and half an hour studying with my classmates. Now I can only look ahead, towards next year, knowing that I will spend even less time studying and more time doing nothing.

The old saying still stands: “all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.” In this new society filled with expectations from others that we must always fulfill, I have taken the liberty of changing the line “makes Jack a dull boy” to a more appropriate ending; “makes Jack a serial killer.” Overworking will make people crazy. Rather than spending hours studying for tests, I instead watch TV all night, then look over my notes just before the test. If we constantly do what is expected of us, we will become machines with no hearts. I believe in always looking for health, happiness, and fun. I believe in asking why to everything. I believe in a life worth living.