The Best Time of the Year

Moses - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

The Best Time of the Year

My favorite time of year is Summer. It is when i can sleep in as late as I want, and stay up as late as I want. I can finally sleep once summer begins. Sleep is how life can function for everyone and how everyone can live a good life.

I believe in summer. During the summer and breaks from school I always sleep as long as I want, I always look forward to not feeling tired at all, staying up as long as I want, and having no stress in my life. I believe in sleeping as long as I want, and waking up feeling fresh and ready to do whatever I want during the summer. I want to feel the sun on my face when I wake up, and go swimming at the beach with some friends, or hang out with them and see a movie. The summer is about spending time with your friends and family and doing other things you couldn’t do when you were in school. Summer is about doing your favorite hobbies, swimming at the beach or in your pool, going to another place to visit family, or just for traveling. Summer is freedom, after months and months of working I can finally have a break.

I also believe in the sun. It warms me up when I feel cold. It warms up the sand between my toes whenever I go to the beach. It warms up the water when I want to go swimming. The sun makes the plants grow, it is the reason life exists. When I am out in the sun I feel alive I absorb all of the light and warmth, and live. During the summer you can see everyone alive, the kids running around a playing with one another, the flowers all bloomed, the bees buzzing and the birds chirping. Everyone can feel the life that summer gives everything.

My daily schedule during the school year is wake up, breakfast, get ready for school, start school, go home, do my homework and study, eat dinner, take a shower, then go to sleep. After that 6 hour day at school, studying, and working, I always look forward to sleep. Sleep is how life can function for everyone and how everyone can live a good life. I believe in sleep. Sleep is a form of meditation, a time to calm down. Sleep is a time of rejuvination for the body and mind. School gives stress to everyones life. After school my mind is completely cluttered with thoughts and when I get to sleep I can forget about all of my stress and everything that I need to do. I can wake up to the birds chirping and the sun on my face, and feel completely rested. Sleeping is why everyone can function smoothly and live a great life, everyone must take a break from work and sleep.

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