tuning out

Jesse - santa monica, California
Entered on June 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Jesse Gonzalez

Per. 5

This I Believe

I believe in tuning out; Tuning out as in just turning up the volume on your ipod, CD player, or radio and making the speakers or earphones yell out so loud that you can’t hear a thing that’s going on out side of them.

Tuning out isn’t a way of ignoring people it is simply a way listening to music instead of what is being said by someone. It can even act as an escape from the world and put you into a place where you want to be mentally. When you can just turn up the volume and listen to your favorite songs and artists it allows you to relax and stress sometimes disappears once the music hits your ears.

Tuning out doesn’t only apply to people talking, it can simply make a walk down the street a little more pleasant than it would be walking and listening to the cars honking and whizzing by you on the sidewalk or even kill time when waiting for the bus or your ride. You can listen to your feel good songs that seem to keep you happy and in a good mood on those days that you feel like nothing will bring you down, and there are those songs you always seem to fall on and listen to when you aren’t having a good day.

Unlike people or other things that make noise, you are able to stop your music when you’ve had enough, you can turn it down so that you can hear what else is going on or you can blast it and almost blow out your ear drums. You can also skip songs if you don’t like what you’re listening to and find something that fulfills the needs of your ears. Even as this is being written I am listening to music. It helps the wheels in my head turn and can help me write an essay in no time because the ideas keep coming thanks to the music going into my ears.

Though music is entertaining and can be very difficult to make it is more then just noise that sounds good. It sometimes means something and can remind you of a time in your life or it can just make you want to dance. What ever role music plays in your life just take time to appreciate what you are listening to and it may be able to work its wonders on you.(414)