Unknown Heroes

Leslie - Sierra Vista, Arizona
Entered on June 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Our uniformed men and women have the most thankless jobs on earth. Regardless of whether they fight thieves, fire, or terrorists our protectors are very often forgotten. When was the last time you thought about our young men and women at the front lines of war or the comfort we feel knowing we can pick up the phone and reach someone to help us 24 hours a day should we be in any type of distress. You may be asking yourself what makes me think that these things are any more prevalent in my thoughts than the next person. I feel more aware than most because I am the daughter of a career policeman and an army wife of seven years. I have been exposed to a lot of the less rosy side of life; many things that go unreported because they aren’t pushing any type of agenda they are simply the truth, what a concept. If the media would kindly acknowledge the vast number of great accomplishments made daily by our uniformed hero’s maybe we could start remembering what makes our nation the greatest on earth. We should not only remember the sacrifices of others for our freedoms but also lend a hand in our community whenever possible; the littlest effort can make a world of difference. If we could all at least acknowledge people on the street (uniformed or otherwise) with a nod or a smile this would do amazing things for our seemingly lack of humanity in today’s society. I am not one of the brave men and women that protect our great nation but I do proudly stand beside a great man who does. I sincerely hope that the service of him and countless others will not continue to go unrecognized by the media and our citizens.