This I Believe

Matt - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

Matt McDonald

May 29, 2008

This I Believe

Respect means having pride in yourself and being considerate of other people. For example, everyone should be considerate to the elderly and to people who are handicapped or are in need. Opening and holding doors, offering up your seat or carrying groceries are some examples of showing respect to others. Listening to people when they are speaking is another way of showing respect. I believe respect is a two way street, people who do not show respect for others should not expect it back.

A big respect issue that I have with people is between older people and younger people. An example of this is when my mom demands that I do something without showing any regard to what I may be doing. When I don’t do what she wants she gets mad and it turns into unnecessary fighting. I automatically don’t want to help nor do I respect her wishes because of her lack of respect in how she delivers her request. My mom doesn’t always ask me to pick up my clothes, collect the trash or mow the lawn. Instead she tells me to do and wants it done immediately. If she respected me as an individual she would ask me to do it and would provide a timeframe as to when she wants it completed. Just like many adults, she feels like she doesn’t need to ask since I am younger and I think that is wrong. All people are equal when it comes to common respect for each other. If my mom asked me to do things instead of telling me to I would do them because by her asking she is giving me respect which I deserve as a human being. I feel by her asking me to help out is more respectful then telling me what to do. Though her demands do not go beyond parental responsibility still I feel she could be more polite.

I do think that there are obviously times when adults should automatically expect respect from someone younger than them. I’m not necessarily referring to people who have powerful positions, because sometimes these people may utilize their power improperly. Rather, teachers deserve automatic respect from students just like bosses deserve it from their employees. As long as the teacher and the boss are respectful in return then there should always be an equal respect.

In conclusion I think that equal respect between individuals is important. It is important for kids to know how much respect to give to adults and vise versa.