Learning to Grow

Maranda - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on June 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As I stood in this room that would now be my home for the next year, thoughts pour from my mind, “Was I ready for this?” I finally had a place to call my own and felt as if this was the start of my life. The first week in the apartment seemed as if it simply floated by, until the bills start to pour in. I realize quickly I was a little over my head. How were we going to make it on the little income my friend and I had coming in?

When I moved into the apartment I was so excited about starting a new chapter in my life, finally leaving home and saying goodbye to my childhood was all I wanted to do. Now all I want was the simplicity of life back, I wanted to be able to run to mama and have her fix the cuts and bruises that life had made on my emotions, just as she had when I was little. I had always heard that life is tough, so don’t rush it. “Had I rush things? Was I really stable even for this life I had begun for myself?”

After weeks of working hard to make ends meet, working extra shifts and taking any side jobs for a day or so that I could find, we had everything paid off for the first month. Now we simply had the months there after to worry over. I learned the meaning of saving every penny you have and how to pay to the “cheap” brands and cutting coupons, simple to get by. As the days trickled by, I realize everything my mom had done to save money, which I had always laughed at, I was doing, too. As time when by the bruises that life had given me had healed, but the cuts forever scarred my life in away that I would never forget. So I believe that in order to truly grow up you have to know what it’s like to be down to nothing and teach yourself how to make it.