Assuming the Worst

Curtis - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was a little kid, I would take on look at a person and I would immediately think I knew everything about them just by how they looked. I would see a fat person and I would think that they were lazy and gross. If someone had glasses I would think they were a nerd. If someone dressed funny I would think they had no friends. I have learned through many experiences that most of these assumptions are one hundred percent false.

I have done this with some of my best friends. Before I knew them, I thought totally different of them. I have also seen other people do this about my friends, but I know that they are wrong. When you see a new person, it is hard to not judge them, but I have learned to control myself and look at them like a complete stranger. I look at them like I would anyone else and I need them to show me who they really are.

It is important not to make assumptions of people right away. This could rip you off of some great friendships and you would never know what you’re missing out on. There will always be times when you do make judgments about people before you know them and most of the time those judgments will be terribly wrong. Never judge a book by its cover.