Love is inevidable

Christina - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is Inevitable

A year and a half ago I never believed in love. I thought that love was a made up thing that everyone wanted but couldn’t have. I thought love only happened in the movies. I believed that you could be really like but no one could be loved. I think I believed this because I never experienced love until I moved to Massachusetts.

A year and a half ago I lived in Texas with my father and my step mother. Neither of them showed me any kindness or love at all. Then I got the chance to go and live with my grandparents in Massachusetts so I took the opportunity. When I got there my family noticed that I was kind of cold and distant from everyone, and they wondered why. I was confused at how nice everyone was being. I never knew people could be that nice.

My grandparents would say they loved me then I would recoil. I didn’t understand. I could see that it hurt them when I would push them away but I couldn’t help it. It was my first instinct to push them away. Then my grandmother, I think, started to get the message. One day my grandmother asked me “Christina, do you know what love is?”

Then I said “It’s nothing because it’s not real.” She then said, “But honey, don’t you understand that we love you? It hurts us that you push us away when we just want to love you and help you.” I understood her then.

The next time my grandparents said they loved me I said it back to them. When they tried to embrace me, I let them embrace me back. I realized that even though I hadn’t experienced love that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I realized that even though I didn’t think anyone loved me, I realized there has always been someone who does.

My uncle gave me a bracelet so that I would remember that. He had it engraved with my name on the front of a heart and then on the back it says “remember someone always loves you. “ So now any time I get down in the dumps about love I just look down at the bracelet I wear everyday and I cheer up.

I now understand that there are two kinds of love. There’s the love that you feel and get from your family. Then there is the romantic love. I always thought that the only type of love was the type of love you see in the movies. The almost impossible type of love. But now I realize that I was wrong. This I believe… I believe in LOVE!!!