I Believe Everyone should help our enviornment

jessica - new city, New York
Entered on June 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

I believe we need to take care of our environment. Our environment is

changing from many different things. One cause is global warming.

Global warming is caused mainly by the things we do each day. When we use up our

resources, our environment will change.

When people drive they use up the resource of gasoline, if people took a

bus filled with people who aren’t driving their own cars, they would save

money and the environment. If you car pool with your friends you can save

too because everyone isn’t in separate cars. It doesn’t seem like you are

doing much, if you carpool or ride a bus everyday, but if most people try

it, it may make a difference to our environment.

Personally, I don’t think people are trying hard enough to save our

environment. I try to conserve electricity in my house by turning of the

lights whenever no one is using them. I think it makes a difference,

because the power plants don’t have to use up as much energy sending the

electricity everywhere.

I also try to help our environment is by conserving water. If people took

shorter showers, and washed their cars using less water, everyone would be

conserving water. Our planet has only about 3 percent drinking water, so if

we use most of that washing cars, and taking long showers, we won’t have

anything else to drink.

I believe that if more people tried to save our environment, the bad

changes we created will decrease, and our world will become a better place

to live in.