Charitable Trust

Sina - Livonia, Michigan
Entered on June 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In this world we live in today it’s hard for people to stay true to themselves and not lose their morals and beliefs. Today in society we have so many opportunities to succeed in whatever field we choose. Yet, with all these wonderful opportunities, we still as a nation struggle with arrogance. We are the most powerful nation is the world, with access to unlimited amounts of resources worldwide, yet we still have thousands of homeless in the United States and millions worldwide. There are people across the Atlantic who are dying, because they do not have access to simple drugs that we in America do take for granted. I’ve been given a chance to see these horrible circumstances first hand, which has forever changed my life as well as those around me.

Other than school and work, I volunteer my time to charity organizations such as Project ONE (, I donate money and time. I try to spread awareness in my nearby neighborhoods to help. I also do the same for UNICEF. I also donate my blood and volunteer time at the nearby Red Cross Center. I also spent time giving speeches about the myths of HIV/AIDS. There are so many American citizens who have done more than I, but like I said, with all that this country has why haven’t we done more? Even so, I do believe that sometime, hopeful soon that will all change. I do believe that sometime discrimination/racism will be a thing of past; it’ll cease to exist. That HIV/AIDS is cured and cancer is defeated; there will finally be peace in the Middle East and an end to genocide, hunger and starvation in Africa as well as all over.

Over the years I have obtained knowledge information and have seen some of this suffering first hand when I traveled overseas with my father. With this knowledge and insight, the pressure to help make a change is nerve racking, but I’ll take that in stride. I intend to put forth my efforts to help accomplish that belief of mine. This I definitely believe!