I believe hard work for education is reward

Pinal - Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everything requires effort and hard work to achieve. When true effort and hard work are given for something, they are always rewarded. When I receive bad grades on a test, it shows that I did not put in enough effort and did not work hard in preparing for the test. Instead, I get surprised by seeing how poorly I did on the tests. I believe that if I put in effort and hard work for my education, they will be rewarded.

As a child in India, I did not take my studies that seriously and did not work hard on them. My lack of seriousness resulted in poor grades in elementary school. At some point after I came to the USA and started my studies here, I realized the importance of education, and I began working very hard by doing my homework and by studying harder. Because of the hard work that I did in middle school, I got a chance to be a student of the month two times, and I also received two trophies each time I was selected a student of the month. In high school, my hard work hard was not enough to get any awards or to get a four point zero grade point average. When I started taking classes at Buck County Community Collage, I continued with my attempt to get a four point zero GPA by working hard, and my hard work was rewarded. I received a four point zero GPA in both of the semesters.

For the future, I am planning to get a very good education. My goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering. I am aware that to get a bachelor’s degree I need to work very hard. I am willing to work as hard as I need to receive my bachelor’s degree because I know that my hard work for the education will be rewarded in the end. After I receive a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering, I can get a job in laboratories, which will pay better than the jobs that I will get without education, like jobs at fast food places.

My dad always tells me how hard he studied to get an associate’s degree. After my dad received an associate’s degree in engineering, he got a government job related to his education in India, and he worked very hard for nineteen years. After we came to the USA, he studied hard and took some exams. The associate’s degree, experience at the government job in India, and good scores in the exams he took, helped my dad get a government job in a laboratory in the USA. After he received the job, he got the opportunity to take classes related to his education, and he received three certificates for passing the classes.

My belief has a meaning for me because I have had a lot of experience related to it. I did very well in tests when I had put in a lot of effort and a lot of hard work in studying for test. Whenever I had not given much effort or much hard work in preparing for tests, I have not done well in the tests. My belief has helped me achieve many goals in my education, and I know that it will continue to help me.