Always help others

Amanda - Canton, Michigan
Entered on June 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Just a few months ago my car got broken in to; they busted my window and only stole important bank papers. I was so scared not really knowing how to handle it I called my best friend and she was there as fast as she could be. She was the one who called the cops and was really there for me, she even drove my car home because I was still really upset. The next day she loaned me her car so I would be able to drive around and get my window fix along with my other friend going to the scrap yard taking a window off the car and then he replaced mine for me. Not only did he replace my window he cleaned out my whole car so there was no more glass inside. I was shocked at the amount of help I got from friends when I needed it.

I would say before this I was a little selfish and if my friends needed a hand and I was busy then I wouldn’t help. But after this experience and many more I have learned to believe that I should always help those in need. I make sure now that if my friends or anyone I care about need anything I am the first to help them out. If everyone helped others a little more and were kinder I think it would change people for the better. I also believe that one day you will need help and others will remember all the nice things you did for them and not hesitate to help us out in a time of need. That why I believe in always helping others its very important everyone needs help sometimes, this life is already hard and stressful enough why not always try to help people out and make it a little better.