The Bonds of a Family

Margaret - Warren, New Jersey
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in family, the blood bonds formed, strengthened throughout the years, and enhanced by the constant obstacles and unforgettable memories.

Today most often than not I find that teens do not appreciate their family. It always seems to start with the phrase “I hate my parents” and end with “They just don’t understand me.” Well, for all the people who can’t stand to talk to their parents, or have something against their sibling, I just don’t understand. A huge bundle of questions always enter my mind: Who brings you chicken noodle soup when you are sick, who packs your lunch, who drives you to practice, who tucks you into bed, and who is by your side when you are struggling? Usually the response to all these questions is a family member’s name. Family is there for you unconditionally and yet rarely do people take the time to notice the importance of family. This is why I find long term inner family turmoil unfathomable.

I will admit that I do not always agree or get along with the members of my family. Sure I have those fights over chores and how late I can stay out and incessant bickering over the remote control with my sister; however, these insignificant fights are just a bump in the road on the long journey my family travels.

Don’t get me wrong, my family and I aren’t living the perfect life. We have faced our fair share of obstacles. It took some “moving around” for me to grasp just how important they are to me. I have moved five times and each time I was always concerned about leaving my life behind and moving to a new place where I might not fit in. I’d see the jump suit clad movers come and pack my belongings away. My belongings disappeared into an insignificant, miniscule box and I couldn’t help, but feel like my life was disappearing. During every move countless, worrisome “gulps” traveled down my throat. Each time I thought life as I knew it was over.

It takes me a while, but with each move I am able to find what is important in my life and every time my answer is family. Living in a different place, a different house, and having different friends doesn’t change who I value and the people I believe in. Obstacles are thrown at me and my family pulls me through them.

I believe in the bonds of a family, my family and that life has no importance without them.