Through Heaven’s Eyes

Edward - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in autism. I believe that everyone is born into this world just the way they were intended, and that is why I would not change these children. My sister has a severe case of Autism and this has had a great impact on my life.

While other brothers may fight over something trivial things with their siblings, like who gets dad’s old car, I fight for my sister’s rights when others deny them to her. It does not seem fair when people deny my sister of something as small as an opportunity to swim in the deep end of the pool, because she does not understand a swim test. It does not seem fair when a person will turn around and be utterly rude, scolding my sister for making her little noises. It does not seem fair when people talk to my sister like a dog just because she is a little different. Likewise when other brothers fight with their sisters over the computer and the I-Pod, I would be thrilled if Mary would only ask me for either. Other siblings have the luxury of talking to each other, but I’ve come to accept the fact that we will never enjoy such a luxury.

I believe in my baby sister. I do not believe in the word diagnosed, because there is nothing to diagnose. I consider myself lucky to be with my sister every day; it is like having a baby in the house. You could hear her laughter ringing through the hall, and you could feel the joy radiating from her. While people may spend their entire lives trying to find peace and a center in themselves these children are born with such a blessing, these children don’t see, think, hear, or know any evil. Complete innocence and Unconditional Love. These things seem surreal in a world where capitalism and the destruction of others has become a day to day routine.

I think these children are gifts to us from God. I believe God is trying to let us know that there still is some wholesome goodness in this world, and that angels really do live among us, some are seen while others invisible. I believe that is not our place to attempt to drink up the ocean, darken the skies, or take away the chance at an angelic life from these children. I believe that it is not right that people demean and think of these children as ignorant, because it is not them who are ignorant of the world, but it is the world that is ignorant. We should learn from these children, we should appreciate them for the joy that they bring, we should open our ears and our eyes to listen to them, and we should soften our hearts and be humbled by them. It is my belief that is what we should do. Autism offers a lesson to all of us, it can teach one to be patient, understanding and more insightful to people.