Not so hard to see her go.

Lorena - Bell gardens, California
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Thorughout my life, I had had a few instances in which a family member has been struck with a life threatening illness. Unfortunatly, one of my family members passing away not too long ago due to her diabetic condition. It was a shame to see her go, as I loved spending time with her, but the situation didn’t seem too hard for me to handle. She spent alot of time on dialysis, which just seemed to prolong her unpreventable passing. During this time, I accepted the fact that she would be passing soon. She managed to last one more year, before she was gone. My mother was heartbroken, and knowing how she felt is what hurt me. I’ve looked up to my mother my entire life and still do, but when you see your role model heartbroken and left without spirit it takes a toll on you. I never saw her cry because I was not present when my grandmother passed, but the image of her doing so didnt leave my mind for quite a while. This is when I realized that illness is just something you have to accept and understand or else it will devistate you, especially if it happend to someone close to you. At the moment, my aunt is also dealing with the illness that took my grandmother from me, and I’ve accepted that she wont be around to see mee get married or see my children. Althought I see it as unfair, I also know that there is nothing tha i can do to prevent htis from happening. The sooner that a loved ones passing is accepted, the easier it will be to deal with the situation. Unfortuanatly theres nothing one can do to prevent heartache, but acceptance is the best medicine and that is what I believe.