I believe in the power of love

John - Briarcliff Manor, New York
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in the power of love. Love is an emotion, a feeling, a sensation, and a mood. It is a savior and a criminal. It is a disease and a cure. It is a punishment as much as a prize. The good times bring perfection until the cheating, beating, and lies. Love often displays its two forms of power; the power to control every aspect of life and the power to work itself out. There is an extremely common misconception about love. People believe that it is a complicated, intricate emotion. In reality, nothing could be simpler. Every problem, flaw, and wrongdoing is fixed immediately by love. Every question can be answered because only one option stands in any situation; the option that allows you to keep your love. Often attractions are confused for love, but never the other way around. Once love is felt, it is the clearest feeling in the world.

Love has a power that conquers all: the power to control our lives. From experience, I have learned that it can cause any of the following symptoms: teary eyes, a closed throat, nausea, chest pains, rage, depression, thoughts of suicide, and a massive loss of will power to accomplish anything. This loss of will power is the most critical. My ambition is my defining characteristic. I hope to change the world and end all that is bad. Unfortunately, love crippled me, leaving me in a state of paralysis. On the other hand, love has the power to make everything in a person’s life seem perfect. It gives us a purpose to succeed and the motivation to get there.

The other part of the power of love is shown through the fact that love always works itself out. To get over love, many people attempt to hate their lover, but this attempt is always futile. I have not experienced love working itself out, but I have enough confidence in love to trust that it will. Anything I do feels temporary, as if everything is just one more step towards getting my love back. Hope is all that sustains me right now. Even though I am being told that I am only setting myself up for disappointment, I know that I will not be disappointed; I can’t fail. It has been said that young love is impossible because both people’s personalities are not ultimately formed yet, but love gives us the power to see the other person’s soul. Personality is just the way a person acts, but the soul never changes.

To fall in love was not wise, but now it’s too late and I can’t say my goodbyes. She is the sun and I am the flower. I’m sold and shriveled in the winter months, just waiting for her so that I can grow strong again. We will be reunited with the changing of the seasons. She always will be my one and only love, and I have faith that love’s infinite power will prevail.