The Key to All Success

Christopher - Briarcliff manor/NY/10523, New York
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that to have self-discipline is to have the key to success, to have the ability to get anything: from money for college, to grades for pride, to winning a football game for glory. I believe that, as a human being, I make mistakes and wrong choices because of a lack of self-discipline, and I only fail to achieve my dreams because of this dearth. I believe this belief has led me to believe that, naturally, we are all hedonists whom innately lack self-discipline, which makes the success of our dreams hard to achieve, and why simply dreaming does not make a dream come true.

I have learned the value of self-discipline throughout my high school career. This was when I decided on my true identity: an intelligent student who achieves outstanding grades, an athlete who wins games, a leader who runs clubs, and a person who will go to an outstanding college to learn the skills to run a great business. This penchant has led me to persistently try and fail with sporadic success, and now during my junior year in high school, I have come to my belief.

Currently, in my junior year, I decided that I wanted to get a near perfect score on the SAT. I don’t have any special ability in reading, math, or writing that others do not have, but I wanted it very badly and I knew I had to work diligently for it. I failed to achieve my goal and the reason why was because of the lack of self-discipline. If I worked hard enough, I knew I could achieve this goal. I knew in order to succeed I had to develop a plan; my plan was to wake up at 4 a.m. to train for my SAT every morning by taking practice exams, studying vocabulary words, doing math problems, and reading sophisticated books. If I would have done this I would have at least gotten closer to my objective, but I failed to follow my plan. I just didn’t wake up early every morning to study for the SATs; I just could not concentrate on the boring books after the first hour; I just could not go to sleep at the right time to wake up at four; and I found myself studying for some other test that was more immediate than the SATs. If I had more self-discipline, I know I could have followed through. I would have fought myself to get up in the morning; I would have went to bed earlier, I would have kept concentrating after the first hour and I would have finished homework earlier and studied for tests sooner so that I could study in the morning for the SATs.

I believe that my lack of self-discipline was the cause of my failure, and now my plan is to grow my self-discipline in order to make my dreams come true because of my belief that success comes from self-discipline.