Sometimes, things just happen

Harrison - Briarcliff Manor, New York
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In life, it is often difficult to accept certain realities and move past them; however, people are able to move past what problems we face. Last year it was difficult to accept the fact I would be moving for my senior year, but as of late, I have moved beyond this problem. I spent a long time looking for a solution but instead I had to simply move beyond it through acceptance. Sometimes, things just happen.

Unfortunately, acceptance is a slow and gradual process. When my father lost his job, it initially took me some time to accept that yes, my father lost his job… no, there is no way he can get it back… and yes, these next few months or years could be very difficult.

Almost all of last year was spent in a hunt for knowledge, trying to explain to myself just why this might happen and what I might be able to do to stop it. My parents constantly reminded me that I would make plenty of friends and fit in fine for a year. I didn’t necessarily reject this, I just wasn’t ready for change. I wasn’t ready to accept the situation.

Maybe this whole situation of constant purgatory, waiting to know where exactly I would be next year matured me a bit. Or maybe it was something in the water. Even our modern concept of maturity is associated with being grown-up enough to accept realities. Mature people can accept situations as they are with dignity. When I finally began to accept that things like this happen and began to live my life day to day, I found that not only was I more mature but I also stopped worrying and questioning, and began living.

It is a pivotal part in one’s life when he or she begins to truly accept that sometimes, things just happen. It was certainly a pivotal part of mine. I knew life was not fair, even at a very young age. We hear it in the news everyday. Is accidental murder fair? Is it fair for the victims of genocide? Is racism fair? Accepting that these unfair things happen, and that there may not be some greater reason, can make life easier.

However, finding an answer to the unexplained is human nature. Science is the attempt to understand the phenomena of our world, while religion explains what cannot be explained with logic. I’m not trying to denounce religion in anyway. I’m just suggesting that although sometimes God does open a window, and that is a very optimistic way of looking at things, maybe he sometimes just closes a door. I’ve learned, change is change, and it doesn’t always need rhyme or reason. I believe that even if you may find a justification, the only way to truly grow past the problem is by accepting that sometimes, things just happen.