The Natural Imagination

Stephanie - Duluth, Minnesota
Entered on June 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Each morning I wake around 4:30am, a little stunned that I’m moving in synchronization with the sun in this way. What should I do with myself so early in the morning? Who should I speak to when my beautiful husband is sleeping, when my spirited daughter still dreaming in her new big girl bed?

Whether or not I actually rise, I find myself in conversation with the trees. With the walls sometimes. With the freedom of the wind. This morning, the entire natural world seems to say that judgment always unnecessarily smothers imagination. It’s difficult to see the possibilities before us when we are busy judging everything. Even when we have a cause we see worth fighting for, this cause, I believe is hampered by our tendency to combat it judgmentally. We put ourselves in opposition to something, something we don’t want, and then, just like a magic trick, we’ve manifested an internal climate where the imagination struggles to thrive. Instead of fighting against something I’d rather yield to the things I want, to the changes I hope will come about.

I want to live free, like the wind. And so I choose to wake on a morning in a world that is free of judgment. I can’t find it in nature anywhere, except human nature. And in some ways this leads me to believe that the imagination isn’t just something alone harbored by human beings. I’m starting to suspect that the whole of the natural world, which includes everything, including the synthetic fabric of the pants I am wearing, is part of the imagination of this grand universe. The natural imagination of life is a force field onto itself.

I believe that the imagination can never be squelched. It is living and breathing all around us. And even if global warming brings climate change that makes it impossible for humans to continue living on this planet, I think the imagination of the universe will go on, just as life, in some form, will always go on. So naturally, I want to use my personal imaginative senses to insure that I continue being a part of it.