Tariq - New York
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in karma, that if you do something bad, you will have bad luck, or your life won’t be how you want it, and if you help others, or do good things, you will have a good life, and good luck.

I had to do community service for religion. I had to have 20 hours for confirmation, or I wouldn’t be able to have it. So for my community service, I had to read to some kids in this weekend school. It was 2 hours a day, and I got really bored because I would rather do something else on my weekend, instead of reading to little kids. I still had to go anyway, so for the 10 weekends, I was there on my Saturday afternoon reading to little kids.

When I was done with my 20 hours, I was relieved. I didn’t have to go to community service anymore. I felt pretty good about it. The next week for some reason I was lucky, and one hundred dollars on my driveway, while I was walking outside to go to my bus stop. Although, it didn’t feel right to just take it, but nobody was around. It was just there. If I ask people if it was theirs, couldn’t they just lie if it was theirs? I just decided to take it in, and maybe if anyone says that they lost one hundred dollars, I’d give it back. So I just went back in my house and left it in my room.

Finally after a week, nobody claimed to have lost it. I just thought that it was luck, and Karma. What I did was helping people, and it was something that I did that was a good deed. When I did a good thing, something happened in return, and that’s what karma is. This I believe.