Rescue and Friendship

Alexis - Poughkeepsie, New York
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in rescue and the value friendship to participate in those rescues. That one simple smile can, in turn, save a life. I’ve seen the healing wounds of self-inflicted crimes. I’ve seen wicked humors come from those who don’t feel, run by the effects of alcohol as it courses their veins. Numb from impressions left by those around. Footprints crushing the hearts of the innocent. Friend help you get through any addiction possible.

Self-inflicted body harm, or “cutting”, is a new trend sweep our nation. It affects the minds of teens nationwide. Though how it is a trend, I will never know. It is meant to heal, a release from the stress of life. I have seen this trend and it’s cruel ways at work. I have seen people fall victim to its external charm, only to be drowned. Drowned in the pain of reality. In the sweeping love for this release, as it slowly pulls them to bits. With friends there for support, that depression is broken.

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in teens these days. It affects those closest to me in ways beyond comprehension. At most times, I feel as if I am talking to the alcohol itself and it’s host form that once was a friend. I am the rock that they cling to. Fleeing the crushing force of the tornado, trying to sweep them in. I have to draw them away, for if I don’t, I feel I shall lose them forever.

Friends are in things together. For me, they hold me up in my troubles and refuse to let me fall. I do the same for them, as I am a pillar in their live. I live for helping them. Cutting and alcohol push at my back, attempt to draw my under as well. But I link my arms with my friends. Together we hold strong, arms chained. We ignore the desire of release. Of one sip, that could end it all for us. We listen to the waves, the music wrapping around our souls. I believe in friendship and rescue. Rescue is possible. All you need is friends to get you through.