Maira - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

I believe in hope. Deep down inside, when we are feeling lifeless there is hope that everything will be fine. How would we be able to make it through the worst time in life without hope? Hope is believing that everything will turn out the best.

When my younger sister was in the hospital because of her sickness. My sister and I stayed home. All we could do was wait for time to go by and hear what the doctors had to say. I prayed that my sister would survive, I kept telling her that everything would come out great. In the end everything did turn out great. I am thankful for that but what really helped was staying optimistic and not giving up. Sometimes people see hope as not seeing the realty or being a dreamer. Even though it is not noticeable everyone has some kind of feeling of hope.

Hope could be realistic, desperation, and even better optimistic. When someone is in desperate need of something and will do anything to get it. This kind of attitude could be either a positive or negative hope. You have to think about how far the person is willing to go in order to obtain what they desire. An optimistic hope is believing that something positive will occur even though there is a low probability. The realistic hope is actually thinking about it carefully and estimating the chances of something occurring.

According to the different kind of situations I described hope, it does exist because we as people all have desires, feel optimistic, and act realistic toward something. I believe hope is a way making your self feel better or accomplished. Hope is a strong feeling inside that is unseen. You learn about hope as you grow older and wiser with life experiences.

How many times have you been stuck a different situation and you just hope that things will settle down? Hope could work with you or against you. It is all what you make out of it. The best ways to do is to think positively and remember to breather when things get difficult in life.