Genesis - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that some of the hardships I have encountered in my past have made me the strong girl that I am now. I am able to express myself freely; something I thought would never be possible. Growing up as the older child was difficult because there were many things I had to do on my own. I believe that by volunteering at elementary schools and working with children that I am making a difference in their life. I help as much as I can because when I was growing up I had no help or advice from no one everything I had to learn it by experience instead of having the mother figure guiding me. I believe that children are very important to be a part of their life to guide them and assist them with the help one is able to provide. I take my experiences as a way to improve the life of others even if it’s just for a few minutes. I believe that the things one goes through as a child will either help you succeed or bring you down but although my experience was negative I managed to find the positive side to it and find something to believe in; friendship.

As a little girl many people use to pick on me for no reason; maybe it was because I had no way of defending myself and would never tell the teacher or simply because apparently I was the easiest target. I couldn’t tell my mother because she had entered a depression in which didn’t allow her to do anything not even fix herself. One day in class were learning how to count without using fingers or anything just our head; I was slow and wasn’t able to count without making little sticks. That day my teacher asked me to go up to the board, I was scared, my heart was pounding really fast, I had to add 15+17 and I couldn’t do it so in front of everyone I drew sticks on the board. Then the person I thought would never make fun of me turned out to be my teacher; ever since that day I was afraid to speak up or do anything because since that teacher made fun of me everyone bothered me more. I thought that with all the pain building up I would of turned out to be a bad person with so much anger. However, I managed to turn all the pain around and use it to help young children.

I always like to help young children out with their homework because they are receiving attention even if it’s just for a few minutes. I know that this is making a difference in their life since most children don’t help at home because the parents are always busy or don’t have the patience to help out; as it was for me. I believe that hardships have guided me to be a helpful person.