What I believe in

bryan - arlington, Virginia
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a lot of things, most of them having to deal with peace and human treatment of people. Whether it is that everyone has the right to be happy, that was is evil, or that money can corrupt people. The one belief that I have, and I think is the most important is believing in yourself. Believing that if you set your mind on anything, that you can do it. No one can stop you if you believe in yourself, no matter what they say.

I sincerely believe that if people didn’t believe in themselves nothing wound get done. We wouldn’t have the advance society we have today. I can imagine how things would be today if no one believed in themselves. We wouldn’t have any cars, computer, electricity, planes, medicines, and many others things. There wound be many sicknesses still around, which would equal many deaths. Everyone would be in the dark. Basically that world would be in chaos.

Believing in yourself is a really powerful thing. Think of all the great thinks that have happened because someone believed in themselves to make a difference. People like Martin Luther King beloved that he could make a difference with peaceful protest, sane with Ghandi. Things cans also turn out bad when bad people believe in themselves. An example of this is Hitler. He believe that he could rule many countries and cleanses the world of Jewish people. I guess it all depends on how you were brought up as a kid.

I think that most of the time I do a good job in believing in myself. Sometimes ill have those days were I doubt myself. The times we I doubt myself are usually when I’m about to take a test and that’s because I don’t study. An example of me believing in myself was when I was taking my math S.O.L.I studied hard I really beloved that I could pass it. I took that test and when they gave me the results back my teacher ended up telling me that I passed. I felt so proud of myself. People should never underestimate that power in believing in themselves.