Liz - arlington, Virginia
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in relationships. I believe that having relationships makes you a part of who you are. Relationships teach you lessons so that you can better the next relationship that you have with someone else. They teach you to feel emotions that you would not necessarily feel if you did not have relationships.

When I was younger my family use to be closenit. We would have everything from family gatherings to family dinners together. We went on family vacations; we lived, breathed, and ate family. Then when I was in 8th grade my family got in a huge fight over something small. This fight got so blown up that both sides took legal action against each other.

Since the big blowout both sides of my family refuse to partake in any event that one side is at. For example my brother is getting married this summer, and my grandfather and uncle refuse to go. These childish acts have created a huge rift with other members of my family, so much so that they just keep to themselves and don’t talk to anyone.

Relationships to me mean that you work out even the smallest difference; you don’t cut everyone out of your life because you don’t get your way. In today’s world, I feel as if the values of relationships are not as important as they once were. Families used to base their daily schedules on their loved ones, but today we accommodate ourselves first and then think of others if that. We’ve become so self-involved that the tiniest inconvenience in a relationship drives us away.

When reviewing the memories of my childhood and the wonderful things we use to do as a family, I have to wonder what would have happened if that situation did not occur. Would we be a closenit family again having big Sunday dinners and enjoying the holidays together? Or would something else have happened that would drive us a part? I miss the close relationships that I once had with my family members, which I probably will never have again.