I believe….

Brittany - fredericksburg, Virginia
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe….

I believe in being independent. Standing on your own ground is one of the most important things to learn. Having such characteristics as not being influenced or controlled by others when it comes to your opinion is key.

My best friend, Taylor is in a sticky position. Her whole family is living with me at the moment. They had to move from their home because her mother could not afford to live in a luxury single family home anymore. We had to clean our quests rooms and rearrange our house completely to make space. I love my extended family but I don’t like the situation they are in. This all could have been avoided if her mother was a strong, independent woman. I am not saying it’s not nice to rely on spouse, friends and family but you should know how to survive if things turn out for the worst.

A few months ago her father left. Because her mother was influenced and/or depended on him so much, it ruined their lives. Not too long after moving out, did she lose her car. They are trying to get by but it’s only day to day. There in no real planning for their futures. Taylor has a two little brothers also. In my family, it’s only three girls. There is my sister April, my mother Bridgette, and me. It just so happens to be enough space to add four new members.

Being independent can also express the support you give to others while maintaining your own life. I like the fact that my mother can help a friend in her hour of need. Suppose my mother wasn’t surviving on her own and was always looking for someone to bail her out? She wouldn’t be that wonderful friend people look up to, to better their situations or for help.

I’m happy that my mother is strong. I pray that her traits carry down to me. There’s nothing more frustrating then having your life run one minute at ease and next on edge because you couldn’t find the right foundation to hold yourself together. Independence is significant so learn it, be yourself, stay strong, work hard and the rest will come to you.