When Life Was Simpler

Kim - westland, Michigan
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Today I visited the high school I graduated from last year. I wanted to tell my favorite teacher about my recent engagement and catch up with her about how things were going. One thing she said really made me think about the past. “Have you talked to Lisa or Brittany lately?” Lisa and Brittany were my best friends in middle and high school.

The answer was no. I haven’t talked to them since we graduated. In the beginning of 12th grade they both got into drugs and alcohol really bad. I’m not going to sit here and say I never tried it or drank, but they couldn’t live without it.

What ever happened to being sweet innocent children in elementary school? All we cared about was if our mom packed peanut butter & jelly for lunch. Now children as young as 5th grade are having sex, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs. I miss the old days when children didn’t have to worry about those things. I don’t think I even knew what sex was in 5th grade.

Now a day, when I want to hang out with a friend they have to see if they can get a babysitter for their baby, or they only want to drink. Why can’t people have plain old sober fun anymore?, the kind when you got out all of your Barbie stuff and made a huge house for them and played for hours. Or the kind when staying out late meant you were out until 9:30 riding your bike down the street.

What when wrong? Why is it that high schooler’s care more about the people they hang out with and the parties they go to than making something of themselves and going to college? I understand that your social life plays a big role in high school but should it really be the biggest part?

When everyone told me you won’t talk to half of your friends in high school once you graduate I told them they were crazy. I had never dreamt they would be right.

I miss the old days, when things were much simpler.