Ricky - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

A lot of people do not feel that fighting can be a justified way of handling problems. Me personally, I feel it can be a good way for solving problems. It gives an opportunity for two people to get all of their anger, and frustration out and after you beat the crap out of one another you can shake hands and move on. A lot of people, especially older figures, try to say that fighting is people trying to put on a tough guy act and if you get into fights, than you should get help mentally and that there must be something wrong with you.

I don’t agree at all with a statement like that from my own personal experiences. One of my first fights I got in was when I was 10 years of age. A kid had a problem with me and confronted me and wanted to fight. We fought, and the fight resulted in him getting beat up. Even still, at the end of the fight this kid and I became friends. This kid was my friend for about 2 years after and never really had a serious problem that would result in a fight again. This is a positive turnout to a fight.

Some fights may not turn out with good results. Unlike the situation I was in. Sometimes you do have disrespectful people who are cheap fighters, and if they get beat up they will look to get revenge. But when you have to good people, who have differences who want to settle it without drama, without talk, and who would just like to end something quick a fight is a great suggestion. A lot of people may not agree with this theory because it sounds barbaric and low but it is without a doubt a great venting method.

It is unreasonable for someone to say that you would need mental help if you’re a person that agrees with and supports fighting. When you fight someone you are venting, letting go of your problems. I know in my case if I just brush things off all the time and if I am supposable trying to be the “bigger man” by not fighting than that is how stuff gets bottled up, and that’s when people really get hurt. That is why when two people have a big enough problem then there is nothing wrong with it being settled right then and there in a fight. This is because if there is someone who is a pretty tough kid, and he or she has a lot of problems and stuff that is bottled up, he or she is eventually going to snap whether or not they like fighting. When this person snaps, there could be problems that happen that are ten times worse than they would have been if he or she would have only dealt with their problems when they originally happened. After a fight, you walk away with a sense of relief that you just got something off of your chest, and usually only with minor bumps and bruises that can heal over time. When stuff gets bottled up, and not let out, that is when people can get hurt physically and mentally for a lifetime.