I Believe

Sarah - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe…

“Practice makes perfect”, is what my godmother Margaret always used to say to me before I left her dance studio every Wednesday or Saturday. Most refereed to her as Miss. Peggy, I always did and always will. She was my dance teacher, my guiding light to become the best dancer that I could ever become. She always believed in me and all of the students she taught.

A few students that attended this dance studio gave up on their selves after their first attempt on a complicated dance step. My peers had to know dancing takes effort and faith in themselves to accomplish their goals.

She wanted all of her students to believe in themselves and have them know that they could achieve the impossible when it came to the dance steps that we were taught. If she didn’t think that we couldn’t pull off any dance step she taught her class then she wouldn’t teach it to her students, if she had no faith that we could not take a challenge once and a while she wouldn’t push us to try and accomplish these dance steps.

My Godmother never gave up. She always believed in herself and pushed herself all the way to become the best that she could possibly be and that’s all she wanted for me and her other students. She not only was an incredible dance teacher, she was amazing at making a simple recital costume into a glamorous master piece. They always glowed on stage, when the spotlights hit every single one of them I became blinded by the sight of sequined costumes. She also made me many dresses over the years and one trick to that was she believed that she could do it. She didn’t give up when a needle poked her in the finger or if she got the measurements wrong, she just simply kept on going because she knew she could and eventually it would come out perfect. One time she didn’t even have my itty bitty measurements and she was making me a dress as a gift so she thought up of a plan. It was simple to her, just an idea she thought of in one second, possibly. She just measured me and when I asked why her answer was as simple as can be, “Your measurements are very close to my granddaughter’s and this is a gift for her, so I am measuring you”. Mind you, I was only eight, so I didn’t put two and two together.

On that note, I would like to say I believe that one should always have faith in onesself because it is one major key to success. My godmother taught me this valuable lesson before she passed away, and I will be forever grateful and always remember to believe in myself because who knows where it will lead me.